Team Reese

At Reese Electric we value all of our staff. Every employee plays a role in making sure our customers are provided with reliable and professional service, and our service would not be possible without any of them.



It would not be posssible to provide reliable and professional service for our valued customers without our electricians. They all do professional work and are the core of our team.

Joe Buchanan, Scott Banks, Brett Clarno, Brian Coplin, Kent Dirksen, Jeff Forester, Chad Franklin, Kris Freeman, Brian Gilfillan, Shelby Hodge, Chirstopher Johnson, Chris Murch, Shane Rogers, Dan Sartor, Keith Sjogren, Rod Spann, and Stan Williamson

Project Management

Every business needs professional project management. Without our project management team Reese Electric would not operate with efficiency. They are responsible for estimating jobs, going over blueprints, coordinating with engineers and contractors, and putting our electricians on the job.

Joe Buchanan, Gordon Bridgham, Kent Dirksen, Chad Franklin, Randy Rema, and Gary Theis


Reese Electric depends on our two dispatch employees to send our electricians to the jobs of our valued customers. We are fortunate that we have two excellent men on the job to make sure our electricians are where we need them to get the job done.

Pat Rema, Dave Coonfare

Office Staff

We have an excellent office staff that is dedicated to customer service, and they are readily available to answer phones and assist customers. Our office staff also takes care of paperwork and billing. They are a crucial part of our team and help Reese Electric provide the best service possible.

Karen Brown, Dave Coonfare, Kristina Leffler, Rachel Rema, Chris Wissmath, and Terri Yantis


Behind the scences at Reese Electric is our warehouse staff. They maintain our vehicles, order in parts, organize the warehouse, and make sure our electricians have the parts that they need. Without our warehouse staff our vans would not be safe, and our electricians would not have the parts they need to get the job done. They are also a crucial peice to our team.

Dave Coonfare, Pat Rema, Rachel Rema, Jennifer Snead, and Doug Tanner


Our staff is always readily available to provide reliable and professional service to our valued customers, even in emergency.

We are Team Reese.

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